Lynn Messer case update January 2018

Lynn Messer disappeared July 8, 2014. We now know that Lynn has been deceased the entire time and I have been told by law enforcement multiple times that Kerry Messer, her husband, has not been cleared in the investigation surrounding Lynn’s death.  Kerry is a Missouri state lobbyist who represents family, homeschooling, right-to-life, gun rights/safety, and Christian/Biblical values. Lynn’s remains were found on her husband’s farm property November 1, 2016.

Within the first days of Lynn’s disappearance the entire farm acreage was mapped out. The land was searched with GPS tracking equipment in the daylight and in the dark by search and rescue teams. It was also explored by professionally trained dogs who should have picked up the scent of the remains; especially in the hot July and August heat. All structures were checked. Results were recorded on a grid to show the areas had been thoroughly searched.

There hasn’t been an arrest in the case, or anything in the news to indicate the case is still ongoing. If Lynn committed suicide I can’t imagine why law enforcement has maintained such secrecy. If law enforcement suspects or knows foul play was involved I think we can safely assume an arrest could still take place. The question remains; if so, who did it and how did it happen?  So…I placed a call to Detective White to ask more questions.JustsiceForLynn 1 yr anniversay of remains

I have asked many questions over the last year and a half, but due to the integrity of the case detectives can’t answer most of the questions. I’m fine with that since I understand cases like this can take years to bring about an arrest should it turn out that foul play was involved. Months can drag into years awaiting a trial. After a guilty verdict it takes further weeks or months until sentencing. Lastly, in some instances it can take several more weeks for the prisoner to transfer from the county jail to the prison intake system where, for a few weeks, the prisoner goes through admissions and orientation. This process includes a review of the sentencing/violation/detainment paperwork for all admissions. The inmate is searched and an inventory is done of their property. An initial medical, dental, and mental health screening is conducted; photos are taken, fingerprinting is done and a DNA sample is taken for those who have not previously provided a sample. An interview is also conducted to collect personal and background information and a series of risk and needs assessments are completed during A & O. After all this takes place the convict is transferred to the prison facility which will be their permanent home for their time to be served.

This time when I talked to Detective White he said he is no longer giving press interviews or answering questions surrounding the case. The only questions he did answer were these:

Q: Is the case still open?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Kinsky, the current prosecuting attorney, still stepping down this year?

A: Yes.

Q: I can’t find information stating anyone has filed to run for prosecuting attorney in Ste. Genevieve County. The filing deadline, according to the Missouri Ethics Commission, is March  27, 2018. Do you know if someone plans on filing to run for P.A.?

A: Yes. (As of today’s publishing date, 1/31/2018 no one has filed).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

When I spoke to Detective White last November while writing the article, 1 year since Lynn Messer’s remains found, there were two more questions I asked but didn’t publish:

Q: As I’ve read through Kerry’s ‘Find Lynn Messer’ Facebook posts I’ve had many questions and concerns; as have Lynn’s friends and family. I think there are numerous holes and inconsistencies in his story. Lynn’s family thinks much of the writing is fabricated. It caused me to wonder if a forensics psychologist/F.B.I. profiler has been reading the posts. Has any such person read his posts?

A: I can’t answer that other than to say the F.B.I. has been involved in different aspects of the investigation.

Q: Kerry said in a radio interview with Harold Hendrick that the night Lynn disappeared, she “was sitting on the bed cutting slots in water bottles” for a VBS craft the next day at their church.  Were the bottles found by the bed?

A: I can’t discuss the scene.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

People continue to contact me with behaviors they witness, conversations they have, and text messages they receive from Kerry which they think are odd. The most recent contact was yesterday regarding Kerry requesting help from his friends. “Would you be okay to help me get the word out so I can start to rebuild marketing beef? This was one of Lynn’s functions and I am finally ready to move forward in this area again but do not have her network. Please let me know if you could forward the following via email, social media, or whatever…Thank you, Kerry Messer”

He went on to list the prices for beef along with his phone number.

Considering his history my sources wonder if he plans on reporting his earnings, or if he will consider them gifts like he did with some of the money he collected in the past for his organization Missouri Family Network.

Sources have said they’ve noticed a couple of differences at Kerry Messer’s house.  The big red mailbox with the address on it is gone; including the post on which it sat, and the numbers on the gate for identifying the property are gone.  I can’t help but wonder if Kerry Messer is living in a mental prison of paranoia of what next, or when will this end.

It has already been established that Kerry and Spring Thomas were in a relationship within weeks of Lynn disappearing. Although Kerry and Spring deny anything other than friendship, law enforcement confirmed to me, multiple times, otherwise. This has also been reported by various news outlets and confirmed by Kerry and Lynn’s sons.


Click ‘LYNN MESSER’ in the margin for more articles.


The writer of the Find Lynn Messer Facebook page allows me opportunity to educate my readers on how there are multiple ways to look at a person. For teaching purposes the page can be taken at face value (true), or as an alternate reality (made up stories) or possibly coming from an unstable and/or criminal mind. Kerry Messer is a public figure which makes this a public interest case since he fund raises from the citizens of Missouri to provide for his professional and personal finances through his organization Missouri Family Network. People want to make informed decisions on how and where to spend their money. Lynn Messer’s sons and extended family continue to point out what they think are moral and ethical issues which they have witnessed by Kerry Messer. I do not write these posts or publish letters as a professional in any field of expertise, but rather to educate my readers from the life experiences through which I have lived. See the disclaimer in the side margin. I simply raise questions so we can consider different viewpoints.





6 thoughts on “Lynn Messer case update January 2018

  1. CKing says:

    I know you can’t answer this, but when will Lynn get justice? I’ve moved to another star since this has happened and follow through FB….waiting.

    • God allowed me to live through difficult circumstance and has enabled me to pass on what I’ve learned. I would want someone to do the same for me or my loved one. I’ll continue writing and praying until there are answers and justice.

  2. E. says:

    Have you considered tha Kerry may have access to some seriously compromising blackmail leverage or other controlling influence from higher up over local investigators?
    If he is the malignant master covert manipulator that it seems he might be, that would be in line with how they operate.


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