Spring Thomas estate case 05/09/2014

Thank you to a reader who pointed me in the direction of Missouri Case Net to look at the probate proceeding surrounding Spring Thomas’ estate.

Spring Thomas is the woman who admitted to law enforcement her relationship with Kerry Messer approximately 6-8 weeks after Lynn Messer disappeared/died.

Spring’s father, Dr. Albert D. Thomas, died July 22, 2012.  His estate went through probate for 2 years before being settled. According to Missouri Case Net the date of disposition for the estate was closed on May 9, 2014, leaving Spring Thomas as the independent personal representative of her father’s estate.

July 8, 2014 Lynn Messer disappeared from her home; from the bed she shared with her new Lynn Messerhusband, Kerry Messer, a Missouri state lobbyist for Christian, Biblical, homeschooling, pro-life and family values.

Kerry told his sons and the authorities that a storm woke him up around 4:00 a.m. and that is when he noticed his wife was missing.

After more than two years of searches and an investigation; Lynn’s remains were found on Kerry Messer’s farm, November 1, 2016.

A cause of death has not been recorded on the death certificate at this time. It was determined that Lynn’s remains appear to have been in the elements the entire two years she was missing. Law enforcement cannot confirm if Lynn’s remains were positively in the same location the entire time; just that the remains were consistent with those that had been in the elements that amount of time.

There have been no arrests in the case and no one has been officially named as a person of interest. Law enforcement did confirm to me that Kerry Messer has not been cleared in the disappearance and death of his wife, Lynn Messer.


Missouri Case Net

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3 thoughts on “Spring Thomas estate case 05/09/2014

  1. Karma says:

    Wonder how Albert and Colleen Thomas would feel about their daughters involvement in this case? Two months from her inheriting probably a million dollar estate in Wildwood, her boyfriends wife mysteriously “dies”…..
    Disgusting….. revolting…..

  2. #justiceforLynn says:

    As with so many thing in this tragic case, any one item can be chalked up to coincidence or a red flag can explained away, but the entire constellation of events and coincidences and red flags tell the story! Kerry and Spring are squarely at the center of Lynn’s disappearance. This is yet another example of the total story being greater than the sum of its parts. Kerry has been good at crafting a plausible story. He was smart to hide Lynn’s body until evidence was slim, but he’s forgetting critical things that would normally be present if he didn’t know more than he was telling. If the relationship with Spring had transpired organically, Kerry would have undoubtedly regaled the readers of Find Lynn Messer with the story of finding love again. He’s forgotten to do that. He’s kept Spring a secret. Why is she a secret? Was he so used to her being a secret that he’s forgotten that he should have unveiled her as most people would have done had they suddenly fallen in love after losing a spouse? He’s forgotten what most people in this situation would do if they weren’t trying to cover up what actually happened. Most people would speculate about happened – develop theories, beg for help and answers. It would be natural to say, “I think she may have fallen to her death (although we know this didn’t happen) or “I think she took her own life.” (although there is no evidence of that). She didn’t just walk out onto the farm property, lay down and die spontaneously in the middle of a thunderstorm. He’s forgotten to provide an explanation of how she was missed by dogs trained to find bodies and living people. He’s tripping up and looking back, it is easy to see that he really has been tripping up the entire time. In the early going, he didn’t want much media attention. He held one press conference. Contrast that against what you typically see families of missing persons do. Most of the time, families of missing persons are doing everything they can think of to get media coverage of their loved one’s story. I recall calling a local television station in the month or two after Lynn went missing and asking them why they weren’t covering the story. They said it was because they couldn’t get any family members to talk to them. Fortunately, Lynn’s sons have bravely stepped forward and have changed that, but Kerry kept a tight reign on information in that early going. That’s a big contrast to what most families of missing persons would do. He’s forgetting to act naturally – and it shows.


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