Again I ask… Where’s the church?

The Lynn Messer case

I’m grateful more people are picking up this story. Let’s keep this in the public’s eye and pray that law enforcement is nearing making an arrest. The question in my mind at this time is will it be one arrest or two arrests? Did Kerry Messer have anything to do with his wife’s death…as in murder? If so, did Spring Thomas help, have knowledge, or conceal evidence or knowledge after the fact?

The investigation remains open and tips were still being called in to law enforcement as of a month ago; the last time I spoke with a detective on the case.

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Saturday, A Cry For Justice picked up the story. I’m grateful for their coverage since they have a large national and international following. Their mission is to awaken the evangelical church to domestic violence and abuse in its midst. Follow this link: The Mysterious Disappearance and Death of Lynn Messer—Husband Not Cleared in Investigation

And today:

Source: Again I ask… Where’s the church?

Here is a bit more information that reader Cheryl Summers added to, Again I ask…Where’s the church?

“Wow, wow, wow! What a great article! An amazing summation of the most troubling angles of this case. The only thing that Holly missed was that the relationship between Kerry and Spring seems like it was probably in place way before 8 weeks after Lynn’s death. Spring was asked to give a statement to police only about a month after and then promptly hired an attorney and stopped cooperating with police. From ‘Who is Spring Thomas?” – “At the six week point of the investigation into moms disappearance Spring confirmed in a written statement that she was in fact in a relationship with my dad. After she made her statement to police she messaged Abram and in an odd conversation asked Abram if it was appropriate for her to continue to participate in searches?”…/who-is-spring…/

This article is from Aarron Messer’s Facebook page. He has given me permission to print it in its entirety. Our…


Here is part of Holly Ashley’s article:

In July of 2014, the wife of a Missouri state lobbyist for Christian, Biblical, homeschooling, pro-life, and family values – disappeared. Kerry Messer stated that he woke up at 4:00 am from the noisy storm, realizing that his wife was not in bed. According Mr. Messer, Lynn simply walked away from her bed in the middle of the night, in the midst of a raging storm… She did not take her phone or her wedding ring or any personal items for that matter. In addition, Mr. Messer would like for the church to believe that Mrs. Messer simply decided to leave the house, the children, her Vacation Bible School commitment, and her grandchildren behind.

Prior to the police search and rescue attempt – Mr. Messer had the cattle moved across the property – and he mowed his grass… removing any chance of trace evidence, let alone scent for the dogs to follow.

But, after THREE YEARS, Lynn Messer’s body was found on the property – incidentally, right where police and rescue workers had been – three years earlier – wearing their GPS tracking suits.

Mr. Messer has tampered with evidence, lied to the family and friends of Mrs. Messer, lied to police on multiple occasions. Mr. Messer has failed to pass a polygraph test- twice. Mr. Messer began dating another woman 8 weeks after his wife’s “disappearance.” Mr. Messer is still under investigation by police – he has not been cleared to the date of this publication.

But the most disgusting thing about this case was that the two sons of Mr. and Mrs. Messer went before the church asking for help – and to this day, there has been no disciplinary action taken whatsoever. This a man who is representing “The Church” at the highest level! Yet, no disciplinary action – no public statement – by the church, has been made.

Although it is true that the police have not yet charged or convicted Mr. Messer, it does not negate the duties of the church to rise up and do their covenantal duty to the Lord.

Finish reading the article here: Again I Ask…Where’s the Church

#JusticeForLynn Fundraiser:


6 thoughts on “Again I ask… Where’s the church?

    • Thank you, for publishing Lynn’s story! I appreciate the countless hours you have spent on behalf of abused women, and educating the church to issues surrounding domestic violence; emotional/verbal, physical and sexual.

  1. Brenda says:

    *Edited to leave the name of the church and location private.

    I was in the church last Sunday and it was the first time I had seen Aarron Messer. My heart ached for him as he sat listening to the sermon I can’t imagine what he and his family have gone through and are still going through. I have followed this case from the very beginning and I pray that Lynn will one day have justice. I want this family to know that they are deeply on my mind and I pray for them to get through another day one day at a time.
    The truth will come out.

  2. I only recently learned about the disappearance of Lynn Messer by reading about it at the A Cry For Justice blog. I started reading several of your posts and then watched some video on this case, and I just can’t seem to get it out of my mind. So many things don’t match up. I pray that justice will be done and the truth will come out about this lovely lady’s demise.

    • I’m grateful A Cry For Justice ran Lynn’s story. I believe justice will be done. I’m hopeful that since so many people see the stories and evidence that don’t match up, that law enforcement sees and has MUCH more.


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