Lynn Messer secretly transported across state lines and buried


Kerry Messer secretly transported Lynn’s remains across state lines for burial.

Aarron, Abram, and Elizabeth contacted family members this morning so they heard it from them first instead of from media.

Rumors have been circulating for the last 2-3 weeks that Lynn’s remains were going to be released to Kerry Messer in the near future. Kerry has posted on his Find Lynn Messer Facebook page that he intended to obtain Lynn’s remains soon.

My sources told me that Kerry informed his church First Baptist Church Festus/Crystal City that he in fact obtained her remains and buried them yesterday.  Lynn’s remains rest next to Grandma Messer. According to the funeral home a pastor was present at the grave side service; along with, Kerry, an unnamed woman, and two of Kerry’s relatives who were named.

Lynn’s sons had remained hopeful that as long as the investigation was ongoing their mom’s remains would not be released. They have reached out to investigators but do not yet have answers.

Aarron spoke with his dad, Kerry Messer, on two separate occasions this morning and this is what Aarron says transpired:

Aarron: “I heard that you buried mother yesterday?”

Kerry: “Why do you care?”

Aarron: “She’s my mother.”

Kerry: “And I’m supposed to be your dad.”

Aarron: “You…are…”

According to Aarron, Kerry hung up on him mid-sentence.

Kerry also stated that Lynn was buried by “the only family she has left, that actually love her.”

“This is who supporters of MFN are endorsing.  A man who takes the body of his children’s mother from the coroner in secret and buries her without a word to her own children, her mother, or her sisters; all out of spite because he is the primary suspect in her disappearance and death.”

Lynn’s remains were released from the St. Louis coroner’s office last week and Kerry had her remains transported to Arkansas. They were cleared yesterday and buried the same day. The sheriff’s office did not have a say in how this transpired; it was up to the coroner. The husband, even if he were sitting in jail, has control of the remains.

Was this a controlling, abusive act Kerry committed against his sons and their families?

This is no quick commute for Aarron’s  and Abram’s families, or for Lynn’s side of the family to visit Lynn’s gravesite.  What else can a father do to traumatize his children?

Lynn’s remains rest in Walcott, Arkansas, in Mount Zion Cemetery under the direction of Heath Funeral Home in Paragould, Arkansas.

The case remains open and active with new information still being received by the Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Office.

*Correction: Lynn ‘ s remains were released from the Ste. Genevieve County coroner.

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10 thoughts on “Lynn Messer secretly transported across state lines and buried

  1. Tammie zahner says:

    I am just disgusted by kerrys behavior. I wonder who the “un named” woman was there? He sickens me…he isnt a fathee to tge boys..he is a liar. Pos..

  2. Cheryl says:

    Such a tragedy. I can’t understand how the Ste Genevieve County Sheriffs Office could possibly justify allowing this to happen to Lynn’s sons, mother, sisters and grandchildren without at least the courtesy of a phone call. This truly shows Kerry Messer’s character. His actions are abusive and reprehensible. If anyone had any doubt about his character and capacity for extreme cruelty, this should remove any doubt

  3. Leann says:

    This was cold, calculated and cruel.. which, I think, further proves what this man is capable of.
    God Bess her children and grandchildren.

    There so many things that don’t add up in this case.. most of which other people have already pointed out.. one of my biggest questions is: why was a life insurance policy taken out AFTER she admitted to being suicidal? I think he pushed and pushed until she finally did it. His ‘problems’ were ‘solved’ and his hands are ‘clean’. And now this politician has $200,000 and all the sympathy he’s wanted from day one.

  4. #justiceforLynn says:

    Last night, I sent this to the St. Genevieve County Sheriff, Major Schott and copied the Attorney General’s office. “I am highly concerned about the lack of activity surrounding the disappearance – and now we know – death of Lynn Messer. Based on the publicly available information, it would seem that Kerry Messer was most certainly involved somehow in her death. I can only assume that law enforcement has even more information pointing in his direction. Nearly three years after her disappearance and nearly a year after the discovery of her body, we still have no action being taken toward Mr. Messer. It would seem that the Sheriff’s department did not adequately search the property in those early days or that the body was subsequently brought to the property after it was searched. Either way, action is called for here.

    Today, I’ve learned that the St. Genevieve County coroner released the body to Mr. Messer only to have him take it over state lines into Arkansas without the knowledge of Lynn’s sons, sisters or mother. It would seem that the Sheriff’s department as the lead investigative agency would have certainly known that the body was going to be released and understanding the circumstances, they could have let Lynn’s family members know what was about to take place. These family members could have sought injunctive relief to block the release of the body to Kerry given the high level of suspicion surrounding him and his lack of honesty with Lynn’s family members as well as his reported lack of cooperation – and his girlfriend’s lack of cooperation – with the investigation. Unfortunately, St. Genevieve County didn’t afford Lynn’s family this option. That adds another layer of tragedy upon an already tragic situation.

    I called Carl Kinskey’s office several months ago about the progress on the investigation and he said he was just waiting on the Sheriff’s department. Why hasn’t information been sent over to the prosecuting attorney’s office? Where’s the grand jury? Is this an open investigation at this time? I certainly hope that the Sheriff’s office isn’t withholding information from the prosecuting attorney’s office waiting for some kind of air tight case to develop in this very bizarre circumstance. I urge you to send the information you have on the investigation to the prosecuting attorney. “

    • Thank you for taking so much of your time to compose this letter. I shared it with my readers. This case needs to pick up traction so an arrest, or arrests, can be made because it appears a crime was committed.

      • The day I heard of Lynn’s death my first thought was that her husband was guilty and the longer the situation is allowed to go on the stronger my suspicion of him and his girlfriend grows.

  5. Neighbor says:

    The entire thing is a tragic disaster. I have no idea how Mr Messer gets away with so much…it feels like someone is cushioning him. Money…politics…what is it? Sad for Lynn’s Family. I thought there would be some resolve by now….

  6. Patti says:

    Thank you for sharing. It is such a tragedy. How could such a thing happen. The very man who is suspect ends up with the body. He only had harsh words to give to a grieving son! I hope and pray for justice. In the meantime please accept my deepest condolences.

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