Aarron Messer: Prison, Love, Desertion


Photo Credit: J.B. Forbes, jforbes@post-dispatch.com

Lynn Messer was thought to be missing almost three years ago on July 8, 2014. Her husband Kerry Messer, 57, a conservative Jefferson City lobbyist, claims he woke in the early morning hours at his Ste. Genevieve home to find his then 52-year-old wife missing.

We now know Lynn was not missing, but deceased. Her skeletal remains were discovered on Nov. 1, 2016, in the woods on the back edge of one of the family farm’s cow pastures.

Kerry, on the morning of July 8, 2014, demanded multiple times for his son Abram to move the cows across the area where Lynn’s scent trail would be found later that  morning, this trail led to the cow pasture where Lynn’s remains were found. This has been confirmed by the Ste. Genevieve Sheriff’s Office (Also reported on: Investigation Discovery: Disappeared -American Gothic.)

Aarron Messer and his daughters were scouting the same cow pasture for areas to hunt on Nov. 1, 2016, when one of Aarron’s daughters spotted what she thought was a human skull. Aarron, upon closer look, confirmed it and instantly believed it was his mom’s remains. The authorities were called and the woods were immediately considered a crime scene while the sheriff’s department, along with the FBI, collected forensic evidence to help find answers.

At this time forensics have confirmed that Lynn was in the elements the entire time. There are still no results on the cause of death and soil sample results have not been released.

Once again, Aarron Messer is allowing me to share a personal letter from his Facebook page. These are his words through which he shares his opinion of what he thinks transpired in the middle of the night and early morning hours of July 8, 2014. Aarron confirms Abram’s claims that they did not abandon their father; but rather, Kerry deserted his entire family.

From Aarron Joseph Messer:

I want to share with you all my heart.

In many ways it hurts to imagine all the worst possible reasons my mother ended up where she was left. I don’t want to accept or embrace those theories yet I cannot deny the obvious. In my heart I want to believe in an answer much simpler than all the theories.

I would like you to know that in my heart I see a frustrated and confused Kerry. Maybe he had an affair, maybe he didn’t. Maybe he killed my mother, maybe it was suicide, maybe it was an accident, a fight, an argument gone wrong, maybe she accidentally overdosed on pills, or maybe she had a heart attack or blood clot and died in the middle of the night.

However it happened the undeniable is that my father had my mother’s dead body in front of him. In that moment of irrational fear, shame, remorse…whatever it was; he moved her into the woods. Whether it was a premeditated act or just an impulse—he made a horrible decision. He covered it up, he lied, and I called the police. Abram and Elizabeth didn’t tell the story he wanted told. I am certain he thought they would discover her body years ago. But he had already lied. There was no going back and there was no coming clean. His lies were told so much and so often it became truth to him, truth that had to be the way it was. At this point he doesn’t know what’s true, and he will not come clean. He believes his own lies.

Forgive me, but no matter about all the other stuff– insurance, affairs, any of it, I know he hid her and I know he knew where she was 100% of the time. I just could care less though about all the other stuff.  His lies are more than enough—and those lies—that’s what hurts me. I may be abrupt or defensive, it’s not just my whole life and family in question, it’s everything.

I believe in justice and my father belongs in prison. I love him still and I will visit him in prison, but I will stand on the victims side of the court and I will take the stand against him for my mother. But my dad has not been deserted by us, he has left us.

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2 thoughts on “Aarron Messer: Prison, Love, Desertion

  1. Faithful1blst says:

    Thank you, Carolyn; great article once again. I am glad that the boys are sharing freely from their hearts. Kerry is a sociopath as well as a narcissist. They create their own “reality” and construct their own narrative for the gullible to believe when facts are too painful to accept. Maybe the authorities can get him based on circumstantial evidence and the stand the boys are taking to not cover up for their father. The man has no conscience; it has been seared and I highly suspect from pornography and a sexual addiction. It runs hand in hand to what I experienced and there are more similarities than can be denied. Kerry is clearly driven by this stronghold. No wonder he was so anxious to have her found sooner but not immediately (thus the cattle switch); he wanted to get on with his life with Spring. And, what about her; what kind of woman would want a man with all the questions surrounding him? She must be desperate and obviously deceived. I would love to know what the conversation was between her and Lynn two weeks before her death. Maybe that was what Kerry was angry about and didn’t want to come out for fear of ruining his income flow. And, yes, he should be in prison as should my ex. It’s amazing what these guys get away with by hiding behind the faith/family image which makes it hard for people to believe them capable of such atrocities.Anxiously waiting for the truth,

    • My opinion matches your opinion; both of which are from living through similar relationships and living to tell about it. So far, I haven’t read of, heard of, or experienced such a relationship that didn’t have a deep, dark sexual addiction at the root of it. And of course, you and I are both referring to dysfunction in Christian marriage—in the church. Thanks for once again taking the time to leave a comment.


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