Petition to FHE: Remove Kerry Messer

I’m calling all Missouri homeschooling families to write FHE; Families for Home Education Lynn Messerand request Kerry Messer’s removal as the state lobbyist. We, homeschooling families, DO NOT want our movement splashed across media headlines due to Kerry Messer. I believe he needs removed…for several reasons. (Please forward this to your homeschool contacts.)

Numerous homeschool families were appalled to see Kerry Messer at the homeschool rally in Jefferson City, Tuesday, March 6, 2017. Is FHE aware that people were not clapping for Kerry and several families walked out due to Kerry’s presence?

Below is a letter FHE and its leaders received yesterday from Cheryl Bowles Summers. You may copy and paste this letter in its entirety, or in part, and send it to the  contact list at the end of this post. I sent it to the leadership of various homeschool groups around the state.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

My parents, Charles (Chuck) and Marcia Bowles were instrumental in the home education movement in the early to mid-1980s.  We were one of two families named in the class action suit filed in federal court in 1984 and are listed in the history of FHE-MO on the “About” page of your website.

I was one of those kids threatened with placement in foster care for educational neglect.
I am writing to implore you to remove Kerry Messer from his position as FHE’s lobbyist.  I am ASTOUNDED that he would be invited to speak at the event in Jefferson City yesterday.  What does this say to the young eyes of today’s homeschool students who were watching?
While much ambiguity surrounded Mr. Messer when his wife, Lynn initially went missing, that ambiguity has been removed as Aarron and Abram Messer have bravely shared the truth that they know.
That ambiguity has been removed as Kerry’s dishonesty has been revealed.
That ambiguity has been removed as Kerry has publicly admitted to the “Missouri Times” that he initiated a romantic relationship with Spring Thomas just WEEKS after his wife went missing.
Kerry has also publicly admitted a physical relationship with Spring prior to the discovery of Lynn’s body last fall.  In a July 2016 St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, he said, For the first time in 39 years I kissed someone other than my wife, Lynn. If you want to call that an affair, then you call it that term.”
Does a married man who ostensibly is unaware of whether his wife of over 30 years is alive or dead immediately begin pursuing another woman?  This is not behavior fitting the nobility of Families for Home Education.
I can only imagine that what is self-evident to many of us who have read Kerry’s posts and the interviews he and his sons have given to the press is also self-evident to many in Jefferson City.   It’s probable there was either an incredible act of violence in the Messer home leading to Lynn’s death or Kerry discovered that Lynn took her own life and has spent the last almost three years covering up what he knows.  He cannot possibly be an effective representative of your organization.
I implore you to make this right.  Keep this organization above reproach.
Cheryl Bowles Summers
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Here is a brief request I sent to FHE in August of 2016 for which I did not receive an acknowledgement or reply.

In light of Kerry Messer’s admission to an extra-marital relationship with Spring Thomas, and due to the investigation of Lynn’s disappearance, revolving around Kerry; I respectfully ask you to find a different lobbyist for Missouri Homeschoolers. Kerry is not above reproach, and as Christ followers, we need to protect the innocent first. Our homeschooling families are innocent. I suggest you call the Ste Genevieve County Sheriff’s office and ask them if Kerry has stopped cooperating with the investigation, and if he is the main suspect.


For a different perspective on the case there are 5 articles on the subject that I have written: Lynn Messer: 3 Objectives (These included links to newspaper articles. There are currently 29 articles I have written on Lynn Messer; some of which are interviews with Lynn’s son, Abram Messer and letters by Lynn’s son, Aarron Messer.)

Here are the contacts for FHE:


9 thoughts on “Petition to FHE: Remove Kerry Messer

  1. Lee says:

    The documentation of conflicting dialogue by Kerry, his behavior toward his wife, affair (be it emotional and / or physical before Lynn’s death), and his arrogance and verbal abuse to his sons are all valid reasons for removal of his input on behalf of all homeschooling families. The fact he is making a mockery of Biblical values makes it even more so.

  2. Lee says:

    At the very least Kerry’s actions reveal a narcisssit who treated his wife on the level many Muslim men treat their wives. Why would homeschooling families need a man of such arrogance acting on their behalf? We need men who espouse scriptural standards, not religious church jargon. This is what he has been hiding behind with no change of behavior or genuine accountability.

  3. J Lee says:

    Thank you for your attention to the concerning behavior of Kerry Messer. This also leaves me very concerned about Families for Home Education!

    As a homeschooling mom, I am disgusted that FHE is allowing Kerry Messer to be my voice in Jefferson City. This is dangerous behavior on so many levels. Without adequate representation by a lobbyist who is above reproach and will be taken seriously, homeschoolers are in jeopardy of again facing the atrocities committed by the state in the 1980s. As a child, I was a ward of the state because my mom, a respected and long-time public school teacher, decided to educate her children at home.

    FHE was founded to stand for justice and freedom. I am sickened that FHE has chosen to turn a blind eye to justice for Lynn Messer. Lynn was a faithful homeschool mom. We do not know the whole story, but we know she is dead and we know it seems based on news reports and the testimony of Lynn’s sons that her husband is not telling the truth and was involved with another woman before it was known that Lynn was dead. In the early 1980s, my mom produced bumper stickers for FHE that proudly announced, “Home Schools have CLASS.” Let’s see FHE live up to that legacy and show some class by having a respectable lobbyist as its voice in Jefferson City.

  4. Tammie zahner says:

    I was taken off of the “find lynn Messer” page by valerie h. for staying truths. One being..if he didn’t physically hurt her..obviously his vile words caused her so much grief that was unbearable. I was told by Valerie..the page wasnt allowing “mean” things to be said about kerry. I assume truth is mean? I know him and wouldn’t let him be a spokesman for myself or anyone I love. Kerry Messer is the hate spuer..tammie zahner

    • You join a list of others; some were kicked off for far less…the ‘mean’ comment was made to ones I witnessed. I’ve only seen one which was off color, but not mean. I’m sure I’ve only seen 4-5 instances of this. I’m rarely on that FB page.

    • It is for individuals to do on their own by copying and pasting the letter in whole, or in part, and emailing it to the list of addresses found in the body of the blog post ~Thanks for asking and thank you for becoming involved.

  5. Activism is the truest form of expression. The freedom to homeschool was forged by those who were brave enough to speak up for their rights. I have seen Kerry Messer sell out homeschoolers for years, resulting in the loss of our freedoms. So, thank you for speaking up.

    May I suggest you hit a bit harder at the core of Kerry Messer’s foot hold at the capitol. (Actually, the idea he is still roaming the halls there makes my skin crawl and blood boil.)

    FHE has a small following in Missouri. And while it is important to communicate with them, you can do more.

    Please consider posting this info in a wider post. A wider message can be sent in that no only should Kerry Messer not represent FHE, or any other homeschool organization, but he shouldn’t be representing anyone for anything. The man is being investigated for the murder of his wife, at worst. At best, he was abusive and is an adulterer. What has become of our society that the is accepted in any form of leadership/representation?

    So, perhaps a stronger message needs to to to the representatives at the capitol. Kerry Messer should not be representing, advocating, lobbying, working there unless he has been cleared of EVERYTHING! He is not a good representative of the people, our culture, society and he certainly doesn’t represent me.

    Please ask the people to contact their state reps, and sate senators to send a message that we do not want Kerry Messer, his influence, or presence at the state capitol.

    Here are the links people can use to easily find contact info for their reps and senators. And everyone should feel free to blast the entire general assembly. There is power in wider contact.



    Thanks again for speaking out and taking a stand against not only this travesty, but helping to shape the wider culture by not blindly accepting this kind of behavior in our society.

    • Thank you!

      I attempted to find an email for Senator Blunt earlier this week and couldn’t locate one. My understanding is that Kerry has enjoyed the backing of Senator Blunt through the last 2 1/2 years. I will add a blog post this week encouraging readers to email or call the state senators and reps.

      I’ve appreciated all your comments over the months. Thank you for your help here…I’m trying to homeschool, keep up with daily life, minister to traumatized women in abusive marriages, manage chronic auto-immune diseases, and attempting to keep up with this blog; which is dear to my heart. 🙂


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