Remembering Lynn Messer observations & interview

Lynn Messer


From the Find Lynn Messer Facebook page, January 13, 2017, written by Kerry Messer:

(Most media is only interested in sensationalism rather than helping us to find any true answers. To sell advertising they create as much drummed up drama as they can. Thus it is getting harder and harder to discern which media may be willing to report on facts and truth, verses those looking for and creating false accusations just to hype their ‘so called’ ‘news reports’. This is why I have reinstituted our 33 year old policy of no longer allowing media onto our property or in our home.)

I haven’t found any media outlets sensationalizing information and drumming up drama to sell advertising. This remark sends up another red flag to me. It reminds me of how some people have the innate ability to detract from the problem at hand (usually something to do with them self) to keep people off-balance, or to hide the truth. I think the media have been unusually easy on Kerry Messer; possibly due to his political standing in the state. I haven’t heard, or read, of any tough questions proposed to Kerry.

A popular Facebook trend is to leave a one word status describing you or someone else, or a character trait you want to be known by. The word that comes to my mind for the above post is, ‘bizarre.’ As for accusations, Mr. Messer has left himself wide open due to the nature of his posts on his Find Lynn Messer Facebook page, coupled with his relationship with Spring Thomas and the fact that Ms. Thomas is never mentioned by him in the posts. He seems to long for Lynn as if Ms. Thomas doesn’t exist and doesn’t matter; or could it be he wants to hide his relationship with Spring Thomas from the modest loyal followers he has on his Find Lynn Messer page?

The below interview mentions a protective order separating the family at this time. I found it interesting the reporter didn’t mention who was granted the ex parte; order of protection. The judge heard credible testimony which allowed for the order to be granted.

As for Aarron and Abram; they remember what mattered most to their mom: God, love and family. They draw from the lessons their mom taught them about selfless love. They choose to, “honor her and carry on—not for her—but in her stead”¹  “together; by being there for each other,” and by using the lessons she taught them to help guide them.

I hope Lynn was allowed to gaze down from heaven during her memorial service to view her sons’ love in action. More so, to see all her grand children lined up in a church pew together; enjoying each other’s company. Affectionate smiles, giggles and heads leaning in to one another—cousins chatting while patiently waiting for the service to begin.

Witnessing loving relationships. Hearing about the goodness of the Lord in the midst of difficult circumstances. Holding on to hope. Serving others. Loving God. These are the lessons Lynn taught, and these are the lessons being lived out that she would have seen from heaven’s view.


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Remembering Lynn Messer, family reflects on disappearance






5 thoughts on “Remembering Lynn Messer observations & interview

  1. Cheryl says:

    Yes, bizarre, indeed, is the word. His defensiveness regarding media outlets is suspicious, and he is incapable of keeping that under wraps. This is another red flag. Most people whose loved ones are missing or victims of foul play see the media as desired partners in solving the crime. Kerry sees himself as the victim…not Lynn, not his sons, not his grandchildren. He is the victim (in his mind). Yet another red flag. I agree with your point about his lack of acknowledgement of Spring Thomas on his page. He is managing perceptions of those reading his posts. He portrays himself as the lonely, despondent widower when reports of those close to him indicate that he is more like a love sick adolescent. More red flags. I continue to pray for justice for Lynn and all those who loved her. Good post, Carolyn!

  2. Lee Anderson says:

    This is the epitome of a self-deluded man who has come to believe his own script. It appears that all the love spoken of in his posts really describes his feelings for Spring Thomas and not the wife he berated for years. He would not have picked up so quickly with Spring if he thought Lynn would return. His arrogance and lack of compassion for putting his family first before another woman does not make his innocence believable.

  3. “His arrogance and lack of compassion for putting his family first before another woman does not make his innocence believable.” I agree, Lee. I fail to understand how his ‘followers’ and church don’t see this as a problem.


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