Lynn Messer: One Answer Abundant Questions


Now that Lynn’s remains have been found and identified there are more questions that need answered. I’ll begin asking a few of those questions while the FBI and sheriff’s office take care of finding answers to the cause of death. Perhaps the cause of death will lead to answers, truth and/or justice.

How does Spring Thomas feel when she reads the Find Lynn Messer Facebook page written by Kerry Messer? I find it interesting that Kerry does not talk about his relationship with Spring in any of the weekly postings on Find Lynn Messer.

Abram Messer says of his dad, “He’s still fabricating stories on Facebook, pretending he’s pining away for his wife.”¹

“Abram fully believes Kerry’s relationship with Spring began long before Lynn went missing.”

“No one is naive enough to believe this was a new relationship,” Abram said. “There was no time to have a relationship, no opportunity to spend meaningful time with someone. I don’t know how my father could say that they were just friends. It was way more than a friendship. Besides, I don’t know what kind of friends you need to take Viagra or Cialis to visit.

“While we were trying to figure out when this relationship could have started, we realized we had been taking cattle up to her farm for years,” Abram said. “I was never comfortable with the way my father acted around her. She acted like a boyhood crush had visited. Then we figured out why there was this sudden rush of stress.”

You may read the above article in its entirety here…

The below entry is over two years after Lynn became a missing person; over two years of Kerry (as he had explained to his sons) being in a “covenant relationship” with Spring Thomas.


Panting With Thirst, August 21, 2016
Psalms 42 & 43

This summer’s ongoing rains have been delightful for a few reasons, but none as precious as the way they trigger memories of happier days and fun times with my Bride!

This is the third summer of loneliness without Ma, and ironically it is also the third summer of unusual rains for our area. In a sense it has been a double blessing to also have the additional unseasonal rainfall which has kept the fields green and the livestock happy. Typically we face various struggles on the farm from mid-summer to mid-fall because of the hot and dry conditions. But The Lord has seemingly been helping out as I struggle to manage things by myself. After all, Lynn has been our farm manager and has always made most all the decisions regarding livestock, forage management, field rotations, and all the related planning for surviving rural farm life.


Where does this leave Spring Thomas?  It’s as if she doesn’t exist.

And then there is this recent article which quotes Kerry Messer speaking at Project Jason, a support group  providing care and support for families of missing persons, primarily adults.


Becoming a relative of a missing person means having one’s normal life suddenly shifted to “a new life of gut-wrenching, grieving and struggles that seemingly have no end,” said Kerry Messer, from St. Genevieve County, Missouri.

Messer went to bed with his wife Lynn on July 7, 2014. When he awoke the next morning, she was gone. There was simply no trace of Lynn, then 52. They had been married for 36 years.

“We all know many people who have lost loved ones due to accidents and illnesses,” said Messer. “So, among my friends are widows and widowers. Yet, they can’t comprehend the type of depth of grieving when your wife is just — gone.”

Read the entire article here…


Did Kerry mention to the crowd while speaking at Project Jason that his life hasn’t been so lonely since he has a, “covenant relationship” with Spring Thomas and has had since at least six weeks after Lynn’s disappearance; and possibly before the disappearance?

“As this goes on, we’ve found more details, the motivation behind the disappearance and now questions about what else could be hidden. There is no doubt in my mind that my father knows so much more than he will admit to because he can’t decide what he wants to admit to. He is not cooperating, Spring is not cooperating.”² ~Abram Messer








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