Happy Hour: 6/4/2015

HAPPY HOUR, THURSDAYS, AT 5:00 P.M.—Kick back after a hard day’s work and enjoy the intoxicating goodness of true Love and Wisdom. The GiveMe Chocolate ‘Bar’ won’t put a dent in your wallet!

Michelle Teague collage

One time, when one of our girls was younger, she was headed out the door, and I felt strongly she was leaving unprepared for where she was headed. For a few minutes I worried,…”What about this? Shouldn’t she take this?”

There’s no way she had enough…whatever I could worry about…I worried about.

Then, I felt The Lord whisper in my heart…”I have everything she will need or ever need.”

He spoke so sweetly and SO very confidently that it penetrated my entire heart and mind. After that, I felt like I “saw” Him actually get in the car with her…and hold a “bag” up with a BIG smile…making sure I knew He had it all taken care of…and He did.

I went to sleep that night with a peace that surpassed my understanding, and slept like a baby. 🙂  Sometimes I have to remind myself…Yes, He is my Savior, my Protector, my Provider, my Everything, but He is that for ALL who trust in Him. I am no one’s savior! That is for sure!!! I am terrible at it! 😉  No one cares more for those I love than Him. I am beyond grateful I can rest in that today, and everyday! 🙂

 ‪#‎takealoadoff ‪ #‎Heiscloserthanourbreath  ‪#‎HeknowsexactlywhatweneedALLthetime  🙂

Jer 6 16 stand at the crossroads wpcom


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