Happy Hour: 5/28/2015

HAPPY HOUR, THURSDAYS, AT 5:00 P.M.—Kick back after a hard day’s work and enjoy the intoxicating goodness of true Love and Wisdom. The GiveMe Chocolate ‘Bar’ won’t put a dent in your wallet!

Michelle Teague collage

Several years ago… I was dealing with a particular issue, where I felt like, I was in a type of “bondage.”  As I prayed to Jesus about these things and asked for help…He showed me a picture of my ankles. I could see the chains so clearly (ugh)…They were extremely thick, ridiculously heavy, and covered in rust. As I looked up at the Lord, He asked, “What do you see?”

I said, “Those chains I have been telling you over and over about! That’s what I see!”

He said, “No, right now, as you look at Me…what do you see?”

“Oh…well…I see You. I see Your eyes…I see Your abounding love, total acceptance, approval, and delight in me.”

He then said, “Keep your focus on Me, and those chains will fade, eventually falling right off. There will be a time, you will even forget about them…like Father God and I already have. By you focusing on those chains… you are, essentially, giving them a power over you and your life. By changing your focus on Me, the One who took those chains to The Cross, and completely dealt with them forever…you actually receive healing, and the “power” they held is broken.”

It took some “practice” in getting this Truth from my head into my heart, but over time…my heart “got it!” The chains began to come undone, and as He said, I even forgot about this struggle in my life. It was a process. However, I was determined that any and every time this issue raised its head…I would turn to God and His Word…I would change my focus…therefore changing my life! I have been “healed” of stuff immediately, and in an instant! (which was REALLY amazing and cool! 🙂 BUT most of the things that have changed for the better, and the places where I have grown and been healed, have been a process of taking my eyes off of “self” and placing them on Him!

Gratefully and honestly, I cannot think of a time, in my personal life, this hasn’t happened. God did the “work”…our “work” is focusing and resting in that fact 🙂 

‪#‎HereallydiditALL ‪ #‎welivewherewefocus‪  #‎mayneedsomenewglasses 😉  🙂

Jer 6 16 stand at the crossroads wpcom


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