Happy Hour: 5/21/2015

Michelle Teague collage

Note: This may not be for you guys  A couple of days ago…I hit the wall of overwhelmedness! I just did not see it…I felt like it was close, but ignored all the signs! Finally, after hitting this wall…I was sitting there just staring at it, and I sensed The Lord say, “SOoooooo…?”

I said, stunned and semi-numbly, trying to hold back the tears, “SOooooo…what?”

He said, “So what’s going on?”

And I began to sob…the dam of emotion broke and I just poured out all this stuff. Stuff I did not even know was there…it just came out like a fire hose!

Then, He said, “Let’s make a list of all of that.”

I said, “Okay, sure…I don’t know how that will help, but okay.” I reached for my journal and made the longest list ever!

When I was done…I felt like He said, “Do you see anything on that list I did not know about?”

Me, “Nope.”

“Do you see anything on that list I cannot handle, or am surprised by?”

Me, “Nope.”

“Would you be willing to give Me ALL of that?”

Me, “Good grief! Yes! Here! Take it all!”

Him, Big smile.

Me…much better.  

#‎Jesuslovesme ‪#‎thisIknow #‎gotalist

Jer 6 16 stand at the crossroads wpcom

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