Happy Hour: 4/16/2015

Michelle Teague collage

Years ago…I kept having this nagging feeling I was carrying things around that were so “heavy” and/or “yucky”, and I could not put my finger on what all it was. I prayed one morning asking God to help…to show me what “it” was…and to please, even, take it away. As soon as I asked Him, I saw a picture of Jesus coming toward me with a laundry basket and a BIG smile on His face. I was thinking, “That is JUST what I need, Lord, to do more laundry!” And as if He read my mind  ;-)… He quickly said, “No, I have come to do laundry.” At that point, I looked down at what I was wearing, and was horrified at the site! I was covered from head to toe in the filthiest rags I had ever seen. As I looked back at Him holding the basket, He said, “If you will give Me those…I have a gift for you.” What girl doesn’t want a gift!? I walked into a small “dressing room” and threw all the rags in the basket! He picked up the basket and said, “I will be right back!” As He returned shortly after…He said, “Look!” I looked down, and was now wearing what looked like a robe a Queen would wear! It was purplish blue, the threading was gold, and it glistened with diamonds and jewels! I “gave” Him garbage, and He gave Me a covering of Royalty!! #‎muchbetter ‪#‎ragstoriches  😉  #‎truestory  🙂

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