Happy Hour 4/9/2015

Michelle Teague collage

A list of things to do, can become our idol…One day, quite some time back, I was overwhelmed by my (dreaded) list! As I was trying to “get it ALL done”, I felt an Almighty nudge… a chance to listen. Thank goodness I chose to be still… God challenged me in my spirit to circle the 2-3 main things each day on my “list”, and He would fill in the rest as the day went. This was one of my best, God, Ah-Ha moments with Him ever!! He knew that, for me, looking each day at a list not completely done…meant a type of daily failure, and affected me in ways I didn’t even realize. It’s not even that a lot more would not get done in my days…it’s just that by getting those 2-3 main things done…I went to bed feeling accomplished, and with a smile! And here’s the kicker…I actually, overall, began to get more done and be more productive than I ever had before! So, if your list is making you crazy… I invite you to try this approach…there were even some days…I circled one…and it always worked!!! Here’s to a GREAT and productive day!!! 🙂 #‎keepthatlistincheck 😉  🙂

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