Happy Hour 4/3/2015

Michelle Teague collage

As we observe this Good Friday; we remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. Jesus knew, knows, how our Father loves us and Jesus did not, does not, want us to miss out on eternity sharing in God’s perfect love. “It is finished,” included the free gift of salvation offered to everyone who receives Jesus as their Savior; because of God’s great love! 

At one point in my life…before I was a Christian…I believed a HUGE lie! I actually believed My Heavenly Father was angry at me for the things I had not, and was not “doing right.” After I became a Christ Follower…I still believed His Father (my Father) was not always happy with me. I kind of avoided Him and conversations with Him. One day I felt like Jesus said to me… “You know…My Father, Our Daddy in Heaven loves you all the way…He is completely and utterly in love with you.” I crinkled my nose, and had no idea how to receive that Truth over my life. I was just happy loving Jesus and fully knowing HE loved me, HE was now my very best friend EVER and FOREVER…that was good enough for me! I could survive on that truth alone, surely. Over time, He would bring up this subject and I would listen…I was the type that didn’t really, down deep, want to miss anything I was supposed to have…especially when it came to love, acceptance and assurance. One day He took me to a verse I had seen and read before…But this time, I felt something lift off of my blind eyes…”If you really know Me, you would KNOW My Father as well.” (John 14:7) And it hit me! How I saw Jesus, how I knew Jesus…all of His Love, Patience, Kindness, Grace, Mercy…It was all from His Father! My Father! He was and is a spitting image of His Father’s heart…My Father’s heart! My life has never been the same from that day on. Today, I want to tell you the other good news…You have a loving, caring Father in Heaven…who loves you with an everlasting love… He sees you! He loves you! He cares for you! He hears your every cry, He sees your every tear! He celebrates you and desires a relationship with you…He won’t force you to receive His love… and He doesn’t base His love on what you do or don’t do “right”…or what you do or don’t do “wrong“… He simply 100% just loves you! 😉 Enjoy that truth today and rest in that love.   #‎nothingbetter ‪#‎noonewilleverloveyoulikeHim 🙂   😉

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