Happy Hour 3/05/2015

—with Michelle Teague

Michelle enjoyed warm, breezy temps last week.

Michelle enjoyed warm, breezy temps last week.

And came home to, brrrr!

And came home to, brrrr, this week!


“Sometimes after we have been praying for something and/or someone and the prayer is not answered, or we don’t see it being answered the way we expected, or in the time frame we were desiring we begin to wane in our faith. We wane in our expectancy and wane in our hope.

One time when I was praying about a situation like this I felt God speak to my heart, ‘Daughter, I have heard you. I am answering this prayer. You have fought long enough. And now, I ask you to simply rest. Let me have all of your expectations of how this will turn out…how this will happen…and when you will see it answered.’

I asked Him, ‘How in the world do I do that?!’

And I felt Him say, ‘With praise. That will help you take your focus off of what is going on around you. And in the praising…your heart, your mind, and your eyes will see things in an entirely new way. One of the BEST weapons you have on that little warrior belt of yours…is Praise. The enemy cannot stand in its midst…he cannot stand to hear you praising Me, especially in these situations.’

From that day on…Praising Him became my preferred weapon of choice!”


About Michelle—READ HERE


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