Happy Hour with Michelle Teague 2

 Happy Hour with Michelle TeagueMichelle Teague

One day when I was a young wife and mother…I was talking to God about some things that were heavy on my mind…things/issues/people I was having trouble with. By the end of that conversation…He gave me some of His wisdom and insight, which I have applied, to and over, MANY things frustrating me, causing me to feel pain, hurt, etc. (basically anything negative coming from inside of me, or from without). IF I will just run my “stuff” to Him and through Him…no matter what it is, where it came from, and/or who it came from…it will be turned around for good…in my heart first, then outward. In other words… my job is to take it ALL to Him FIRST (even before my husband, girls, friends, and family), so I can receive His understanding, peace, joy, etc… then, others won’t be having to deal with my junk, and I won’t have to, therefore, deal with more junk. 😉 And anytime I have honored Him in this…He has never failed me.  🙂 

‪#‎HeisSOfaithful‬‪#‎runitthroughHimfirst‬ ‪#‎grateful‬ 🙂

More about Michelle…(click here) 

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