Happy Hour with Michelle Teague…

Michelle Teague

I have had the pleasure of knowing Michelle for sixteen years and I’m blessed to call her friend. I taught her youngest daughter at a Christian Moms’ Day Out program for three years. I grew to know her more closely the following three years through our local homeschool group where we spent time in each other’s home for play dates between our children. Although we each moved away from Stillwater, Oklahoma, to different states we have maintained a long distance friendship through the years.

Michelle is now from the Franklin, Tennessee, area where she lives with her husband, Rick. They have three daughters, one son (in-law), and two of the sweetest, cutest grandbabies; each with personality to the max!

Michelle’s heart for the Lord is beautiful and her ability to hear from Him and apply His words, heart and ministry in a mentoring, life coach kind of way to a hurting world is a top priority to her. She is a breath of positive purpose served with joy, encouragement, tenderness and love; steeped in prayerful communication with her Abba Father.

Michelle loves the Lord and has a passion, drive and heart for God’s children to live life to the fullest. She often encourages her Facebook friends, through the tool of social media, by sharing lessons the Lord is teaching her. I will pass her nuggets of wisdom on to you.

I’m confident that Michelle’s relationship with the Lord, her history, her ministry training and gifting, her compassion, and her prayer life make her a great mentor for the GiveMe Chocolate audience.

I love her and you’ll soon see why!


“If we don’t think, plan, dream bigger than ourselves…then, we are better able to take credit for whatever happens in our lives…making it easier to leave God out. SO raise the bar SO high there’s no doubt WHO really did it!!”  🙂   ~Michelle Teague


Look next week for: “Happy Hour with Michelle”

Kick back after a hard day of work and enjoy the intoxicating goodness of true Love and Wisdom. The GiveMe Chocolate ‘Bar’ won’t put a dent in your wallet!


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