Repost: After the Last Bullet

Several weeks ago I reblogged, Because Life’s Not a Beach, by my friend Lisa Fisher. She wrote, “So blissfully blind to the upset just around the next bend.” She spoke of her oldest son’s traumatic death.

This article is written by one of her daughters, Anna Graham, and is the precursor to Because Life’s Not a Beach.

Please take a moment to read this beautifully written entry.


Repost from ‘About the Platen’,  January 6, 2014

After the Last Bullet


It’s been a month since Ben died, and this could not have been more timely:

Screenshot from video journal by Tenth Avenue North. 
The crazy thing is, when I look back and feel the raw spot where Ben was torn away, I don’t feel cheated of a miracle. A freak accident – a tiny calibre bullet that could have gone anywhere – a wound that might have been a simple shoulder shot. Would surviving that constitute a miracle? No – by ordinary means, Ben should have walked away with a sling on his right arm and a rough experience under his belt (which he would have taken great pleasure into turning into a classic Ben-reenactment).
Instead, something unusual happened. That tiny bullet – fired from the chamber of a gun he knew how to…

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